Peter J. Burns III Welcomes Millennial to Become Entrepreneurs

Essentially, all businesses are about 80 percent the same, according to serial entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III. To that regard, he’s willing to work on a wide variety of projects with other would-be entrepreneurs—including millennials—as long he deems future partners to be “best in class.”

He says it really doesn’t matter what the industry may be. “If there is a profit in it, the project interests me and I am impressed with the candidate—I’ll take the shot,” says Burns, who is based in Southern California and has helped create more than 150 businesses in a four-decade-plus career.

A Unique Start-Up Method

Peter J. Burns III has identified a unique solution for savvy millennials who see the benefit of being their own bosses (and setting up the proper paperwork to do this) rather than serve as employees: Make yourself a small company.

It’s a scenario he envisions for sharp young people who want to work in his world.

Rather than hire a person as an employee, Peter J. Burns III says there are multiple benefits to an individual incorporating themselves. What’s involved? An individual gets the necessary EIN number, bank account, and business license to establish a consulting business in their specialty field.

“The consulting business would then contract with the small business/person for this service,” Burns says.

“No catches, no hoops to jump through,” Burns says. “It would function as any other business-to-business interaction would, and nobody is faced with the difficult task of categorizing a worker as an independent contractor or full-timer.”

It’s a completely legal process and within all IRS rules, regulations and guidelines.

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Business

The primary benefit is that it is a simple transaction between business to newly created business. There’s no red tape of reporting and withholding taxes, or with social security and healthcare. It streamlines the relationship between the employer and employee into a very efficient business model.

This model is an example for a would-be millennial entrepreneur to start up a business and pay themselves for work. It’s a simple exchange of services for money for an actual service performed.

“You agree on a payment amount, service is rendered, you pay it and it’s a straight deal,” Burns says. “I don’t see the negatives in this…except the IRS can’t grab a bunch of money from people and there’s no way to actually screw the individual or the company if you use my process. I can’t see any negatives, honestly.”

Peter J. Burns III and young entrepreneurs

Why help out future small business owners?

“I’ve had a good life and I’m happy to help others get on a good career path,” Burns says. “It’s from the Bible, and I believe John F. Kennedy also said something like this in a speech—and it’s very true: ‘To whom much is given. Much will be required.’”

Burns believes the small business population in the United States needs help.

“Nobody’s helping us so we’ve got to help ourselves,” he says. “When you involve government with capitalism, it’s a cluster. It always has been and it always will be. I’m just another entrepreneur out there just trying to help my fellow entrepreneurs. I am not a lawyer. I am not an accountant. I’m just a fellow businessman who may have come up with a way to save a lot of time and trouble, and not to mention money, for my fellow entrepreneurs.

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How to Grow Your Business: Things You Must Do – Peter J. Burns III

full (1)Knowing how to grow your business and wants to grow your business both are different things. Several small businessmen like Peter J. Burns 3 would like nobody more than the ability to grow the cash flow and the size of their businesses. But the issue is that they don’t know how? It can be a little bit complicated to develop the business growth strategy when you don’t have an idea about what steps is required to take. There are some useful tips that can help you to increase business growth.

Plan out your Growth

It may be possible to find your business growing without the use of any strategy or anything. But it is randomly occurring, only do a lot of work is not more than enough, if you really want to see the growth of your business first of all you have to chart out a strategy after detail study on your business goal and type and follow it in the proper way. A successful businessman Peter J. Burns 3  know very well how to grow their business. By using a proper road map, it may possible to really grow your business.

Reinvesting Capital

Reinvesting your capital can be one of the best ways to grow your business. As you know that it is the nature of human to remove the profits that earned and spend in their personal use. But according to the Peter J. Burns 3, “if you want to grow your business and reach out the top most position in the business industry reinvest the capital that you earned in the business.

Do the payments all of your bills and taxes at the time if any. Any business that has more debts than his profits and not looks to grow in the future, definitely it will be headed down to path bankruptcy. Visit on top of your bills. It is one of the important things that must have a component in the growth plan of any business. Peter J. Burns 3 always strictly follow the strategy and pay all the bills and taxes on time that’s why Peter J. Burns lll is one of the top most successful businessman in the worldwide.

Social Media

You can take the advantages of social media sites in order to promote your business over the internet. Peter J. Burns lll did and promotes their business over the internet. Social media is one of the least expensive ways to promote your business. Social media works enormously well and act as the vehicle to connect the customers to your business and helps to grow your business.

You can also look as Peter J. Burns lll looks the ways to get an outline over your contest in a crowded market. Certainly not, but it is must be done if you are looking to grow your business in the upcoming days. When a business doesn’t emerge from its competitors, it will never emerge! Peter J. Burns lll emerge their business from their competitors that’s today he is one of the successful businessmen. The final outcome of this would be a business never grow itself. In order to grow your business, you have to take some necessary decisions and make a plan.

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Peter J. Burns III is a Successful Businessman

PJB III California Trip Partner's House 2

Peter J. Burns III is a very successful and hardworking businessman. Everyone knows that punctuality and honesty is the key to success.  Peter J. Burns III is the person who fully satisfies this quality. Due to his honest behavior and the punctual nature, he has made his better image among different businessman in the world of business. He well knows the skill that is to be used in making right business strategies.

He had all the good qualities that a businessman should acquire. Like he has a good physical appearance along with the commanding personality which helps him to impress and guide their employees and become a successful businessman.

Peter J. Burns III is not that businessman who only joins the business from a source and uneducated. He is well educated; peter-Teslathis is the quality that a perfect businessman should require. His education level is so wide that he quickly understands the complications in the business and properly communicates with others and solves the issue.

Peter J. Burns III is the person with a great technical knowledge that is required for a good businessman. He has good technical knowledge of his business like if a businessman manufactures vehicles he has to be an engineer. This technical skill makes him take the decisions on his own without waiting for a professional technician to come and solve the problem.

Peter J. Burns 3 is very honest, and this quality will make the other people communicate with him and want to become the part of his business. He is honest, so he is a successful businessman because we all know that honesty is the best policy. As he is an honest man, many other businessmen want to invest in his business and want to expand their field.

PJB III 1st Ethiopian Business License

Along with the honesty, he is a very hardworking man, which is a great benefit to his business as by seeing his hard work the other employees of his business also work hard to become like him. He has another quality that he hates the lazy people, so his all employees are active, and he does not suffer many losses.

Though Peter J. Burns 3 is a successful businessman, he is not arrogant. He always remains cool minded and talks politely to the other people. By his quality of being cool and polite, he wins the heart of his customers and makes good relations with them. This quality increases his customers and finally profit to the business.

Peter J. Burns 3 has great endurance power, and he doesn’t get angry if something is disliked by him in the business deals. He is not disturbed by the small losses in the business and always works hard to grow rich. Peter J. Burns 3 is a disciplined person which is another good quality of a successful businessman. He is regularly at his work and never leaves the work for tomorrow. He completes his work on the same day and not takes any stress.