Stay Sharp and Creative While in Self Quarantine, Says Peter J. Burns III

A positive outlook on life—despite the gloom and doom brought by the COVID-19 crisis—will always pay dividends, according to serial entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III.

He has a singular message that applies to your personal and professional lives: “Don’t whine about what is missing. Embrace what you have in front of you and just live your life. As the old saying goes about the calamity facing us now—this, too, shall pass.”

On the business front, Peter J. Burns III has kept moving forward during the coronavirus pandemic. He closed a significant transaction—acquisition of control of the board of the country’s first and best-run Cannabis Church.

The Agora Temple is located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. This unique vertical is a religious institution that serves cannabis as a sacrament (more on this later). The church also is a significant force in bringing large charitable bequests to many underserved communities.

“Making a large investment in a completely new field appears counterintuitive to common sense, especially during one of the most fearsome economic downturns in America’s history,” Peter J. Burns III says. “But for me, it’s par for the course.”

On the personal side. Burns—who has had a hand in building 150 companies over an illustrious, 40-year career—says he’s using time during self-quarantine that’d he’d normally devote to finding new business ventures to enjoy his surroundings.

Based in Southern California, Peter J. Burns III is safely and responsibly—per social distancing guidelines—taking work-break walks in the gorgeous community of Del Mar. Before the coronavirus pandemic, he similarly discovered the beauty of La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Solana Beach, Encinitas and Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

“I’m lucky to live in an area that has extensive natural beauty and miles and mines of beach communities with amazing coastlines,” he says. “I’m really appreciating that right now.”

A Few Notes on the Cannabis Church

Cannabis churches are not new, but they are still in the fledgling stage. Agora Temple is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization based in the Melrose section of Los Angeles.

“Agora Temple will be the model for other places of worship as we expand in California and beyond,” Peter J. Burns III says. “We have an exemplary leadership team at the existing location, and we also have the right people in place for expansion, especially from an operational, legal and regulatory standpoint.”

Peter J. Burns III will have a seat on the board of directors at Agora Temple. He says his company’s decision was bolstered by a plethora of legal decisions in the state that recognize that freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment, which prohibits laws impeding the free exercise of religion among U.S. citizens.

The model is also supported by the fact that there’s a long, rich history of cannabis and religion dating back 7,000 years. And, that the Catholic Church has long used wine as a sacrament, even selling wine that has been “ordained” to its membership.

“The underlying mission of promoting spiritual growth by using cannabis as a sacrament must be ingrained in the Temple’s philosophy as well as its practice,” Burns says. “There are many existing religious institutions in California that have mishandled this. We are prepared to help them, as well as to establish new Temples.”

Burns adds that he is also impressed by the charitable mission of Agora Temple, which has been working with various charities in Southern California for more than a year. ‘We will enhance those efforts,” he says.

Always Moving Forward

In good business climates, as well as the dismal one we are now in, Peter J. Burns III will continue to embrace what he has on his plate. Yes, this, too shall pass. And he’ll continue to create start-ups and look for savvy business partners.

There are always opportunities for investors—even as the country embraces a new, post-coronavirus economy. For more information, reach out to Peter J. Burns III: (

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Starting at the age of 19, Peter J. Burns III has started, operated, bought and sold well over 100 businesses in literally dozens of niche markets. Nantucket Island was the home of Burns' first "real" business-importing mopeds from Austria and being the firrst in the country to rent them to vacationing tourists. After making $55,000 in only 10 weeks from his summer "job," Burns took his moped fleet and set up shop on Sanibel Island, Florida for the winter season.