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In the last decade or so, opioid addiction has destroyed millions of lives and become an ever-increasing and dangerous plight which has flooded institutions and industries across our country: our schools, hospitals, prisons, workplaces and homes have been inundated with victims who have fallen prey to the empty promises of “Big Pharma”.  

CNN Editorial Research found that the FDA approved an “abuse-deterrent” formulation of OxyContin to help curb abuse. However, people still found ways to abuse it as pharmaceutical companies pushed the drug and doctors continued to over-prescribe it. This was the initial wave of the opioid tsunami we now face as a nation (2019).

Then, in May of 2015 “the DEA announced that it had arrested 280 people, including 22 doctors and pharmacists, after a 15-month sting operation centered on health care providers who dispense large amounts of opioids. The sting, dubbed Operation Pilluted, is the largest prescription drug bust in the history of the DEA.” (“CNN Opioid Crisis Fast Facts”, 2019). This set the precedence for future prosecution of companies who have placed greed, wealth and personal gain over the lives and health of millions of victims and their families. As they’ve secured billions in profits, they’ve also left multitudes addicted and their families devastated. 

That’s where the lawyers at TGKI Law – Opioid Crisis Recovery Law Firm have stepped in to recover damages and hold accountable those manufacturers and wholesalers who have saturated the market with these dangerous drugs. They understand the extent of the opioid crisis and have the knowledge and experience to help. They know that without this fight, millions more will continue to become addicted and the opioid death toll will only continue to rise. 

 “The statistics for opioid use and opioid-related overdoses are alarming. Every day, opioid addiction affects millions of Americans and their families. 115 Americans die each day due to opioid-related causes, and an estimated 7,000 people are treated each day for opioid-related complications.” (Murray, 2019).


TGKI Law – Opioid Crisis Recovery Law Firm

In fact, in recent years, more people died from drug-related overdoses than gun violence or motor vehicle-related accidents (Freedman, 2018). 70,000 deaths were from drug-related overdoses, and 68% of those were due to prescription or illicit opioid overdoses. It’s important to remember that opioids includes various prescription medications as well as illicit drugs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2018).

Johns Hopkins Medicine lists the most commonly used opioids as:

  • prescription opioids, such as OxyContin and Vicodin
  • fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50–100 times more potent than morphine
  • heroin, an illegal drug

One need only to Google “Opioid Addiction” now to find page after page of opioid addiction surveys, checklists, support groups, rehabilitation centers, medical centers who specialize in it and lawyers who represent victims in this deadly national epidemic. There is no denying the magnitude of this crisis.

The precedence for litigation against Big Pharma was first set when the Tobacco Industry finally had to answer to their greed and deception as they lost a lawsuit against one of their many victims in February of 2000, and were ordered to pay the plaintiff 51 million in damages. Then Purdue Pharma pled guilty in 2007 for “misleading and defrauding” consumers by advertising Oxycontin as “less addictive” than other opioids. Clearly, justice is eventually served when enough victims come forward to hold companies responsible. We now know that the highly addictive nature of these opioids has led to millions of deaths and overdoses and has increased the number of people who become addicted to illicit opioids. (“CNN Opioid Crisis Fast Facts”, 2019).

Opioid addiction has hit all socioeconomic levels of society, from the poor to the wealthy. It has also affected many races. One which has been substantially hit are American Indians. On any given reservation, one in ten American Indians report that they or someone they know has become addicted to opioids. (Parkhurst, et al. 2018). Their lack of proper medical care may be a contributing factor in the cause of these alarming statistics, but what can they do right now to stop Big Pharma from continuing to take advantage of their communities? 

Peter J. Burns, III is working in coordination with TGKI Law – Opioid Crisis Recovery Law Firm to bring justice to the millions of victims, including multitudes of American Indian families across hundreds of Indian reservations whose lives and family’s lives have been devastated by opioid addiction. They also know that victims and their families are entitled to substantial compensation, in many cases, for their pain and suffering, hospitalizations, medical treatments, rehabilitation programs, lost wages, funeral expenses and more.

Many victims and families of victims are standing up now. They have suffered and are ready to hold accountable “Big Pharma” for their pain and suffering. They are seeking counsel from TGKI Law – Opioid Crisis Recovery Law Firm because they know they are in good hands.

In doing the research of the many firms out there, here are 5 good reasons to choose TGKI Law – Opioid Crisis Recovery Law Firm and CALL NOW:

  1. There is NO DOWNSIDE RISK to file a claim. 

If they do not recover any damages, there is no payment. Fees are collected only if they are successful in recovering damages for the client. 

  1. There is NO UPFRONT FEE and NO COST.

Cases are accepted based on contingency fees so there is no upfront payment or other costs to the client unless damages are recovered.

  1. A 25% Contingency Fee.

TGKI has agreed to accept a 25% contingency fee for tribes instead of the typical 33% fee charged by most attorneys for cases such as this. The 25% contingency allows the tribe to keep 8% more of any received damages versus a settlement negotiated by a competing firm with 33% contingency fee.

  1. A short and simple Legal Services Retainer contract.

With their simple retainer contract, there is no need for lengthy review processes which could delay filing and result in a missed opportunity for maximum damage recovery. 

  1. TGKI is leading the fight.

TGKI Law – Opioid Crisis Recovery Law Firm has already filed over 80 cases on behalf of municipalities and various other entities and wants to help your family or your tribe recover its fair share.

Peter J. Burns III

by L. A. Rawleigh on January 5, 2020


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