Serial Entrepreneur Builds Bridges – Peter J. Burns III

Peter J. Burns III has spent decades founding enterprising startups. Not only has this serial entrepreneur started hundreds of his own businesses, but he has also helped countless other entrepreneurs achieve success as well. Continue reading to find out how and why he is making a positive impact in the entrepreneurial community.

About Burn$ Funding

According to Burns, “Traditional banks are failing us when it comes to nurturing small businesses, and funding new startups.” He is especially concerned because “a modest amount of capital can be the difference between success and failure.” One philosophy which Peter J. Burns III lives by is to “do well by doing good.” Because Burns helps other entrepreneurs to avoid failure, he is truly able to live by the philosophy and provide much-needed support to startups.

Since traditional banks were failing fellow entrepreneurs, Burns created Burn$ Funding, which features a menu of tools designed to help entrepreneurs raise growth capital, repair their credit, and simplify their financial endeavors. Though Burn$ Funding offers a variety of highly satisfying solutions, bridge funding is one of the latest exciting options from Peter J. Burns III.

Building Bridges to Success

Bridge funding is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who need immediate access to capital to operate their businesses; sometimes, waiting for cash is just not a viable option. Since Burn$ Funding is a private entity, the approval time for bridge funding through the company is much shorter than the approval time for traditional bank-issued loans. Burn$ Funding has institutionalized the bridge funding process and even offers immediately an immediate approval option.

This pioneering and secure approach to bridge funding is reducing entrepreneurs’ credit card debt and allowing these individuals to raise their credit scores. Entrepreneurs can pay down existing credit using the $150,000 per week revolving bridge loan product created by Peter J. Burns III

Burn$ Funding also pays down credit card balances up to 30% utilization, as opposed to 45% utilization, which is standard. As entrepreneurs debt-to-credit ratio decreases, they are able to improve their credit scores. As a result, Burns’s clients become eligible to receive more credit and expedite the growth of their businesses via credit card stacking.

How Does Burns Do It?

Because Peter J. Burns III  is a highly connected individual who is well-respected in the business community, he was able to partner with three premier credit repair organizations, including Midas Financial, the largest credit repair business in Arizona. These partnerships give the institutions immense confidence that loans will be repaid.

Furthermore, credit repair companies are frequently inundated with business. “The fact that these companies don’t have to build out the relationships with their clients is attractive to them,” says Burns. “Plus, we can loan far more money to our shared customer, which means that they can dramatically lower the all-important credit utilization ratio, which consequently improves their credit score. And as a result, that customer gains access to even cheaper money.”

Who is Eligible for Assistance from Burn$ Funding?

The company provides a vast number of options for individuals with varying credit scores, business needs, and personal goals. Visit and discover your ideal financial solution. Since Burn$ Funding features a variety of options from bridge funding to investment opportunities, you’re sure to find exciting and lucrative programs to meet your needs!

Learn More About the Multimillionaire Behind Burn$ Funding

You can read more about Burns’s current ventures and new projects by visiting There, you will also find several opportunities to invest in and become involved. Alternatively, click here to find this serial start-up expert on LinkedIn.

Article by L.K. Bright, MLS & MLIS


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Peter J. Burns III

Starting at the age of 19, Peter J. Burns III has started, operated, bought and sold well over 100 businesses in literally dozens of niche markets. Nantucket Island was the home of Burns' first "real" business-importing mopeds from Austria and being the firrst in the country to rent them to vacationing tourists. After making $55,000 in only 10 weeks from his summer "job," Burns took his moped fleet and set up shop on Sanibel Island, Florida for the winter season.