Luxury Group Homes: How You Can Do Well by Doing Good

Peter J. Burns, III believes in “Doing well by doing good.” He is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 150 successful businesses of his own, and his work has helped thousands of people who want to earn more money and build successful startups. Burns has many ongoing projects, and one of his current ventures is Luxury Group Homes. Read on to learn more about the project, how it helps others, and how you can become involved.

What is a group home?

A group home is a property at which a small number of unrelated people live together and are provided with care and support, including medical assistance. While most residents of group homes are elderly, “group home” is not synonymous with “nursing home.” Group homes meet the diverse needs of many individuals who require special services and treatment.

Unfortunately, many group homes are unable to provide the level of comfort and sophistication that their residents desire and deserve. Because of his desire to help others live life to its fullest, Peter J. Burns III founded his Luxury Group Homes project.

What is the Luxury Group Homes project?

The purpose of this innovative project is to turn underutilized mansions into for-profit group homes. Peter J. Burns III envisioned and created this project in order to provide highly satisfactory housing and outstanding, state-of-the-art care for well-to-do individuals who are elderly or have health concerns. Luxury Group Homes not only helps people to live dignified lives in serene, high-class settings, it also preserves beautiful, historic properties and cuts down on the environmental waste associated with creating brand new facilities.

Imagine an ADA-compliant assisted-living facility that offers individuals the elegance, luxury, and personalized care they deserve. Thanks to Peter J. Burns III, this is not only a possibility; it is a reality. The first Luxury Group Homes property is a 9,300 sq. ft. historic mansion in Phoenix, Arizona. At this property, people will receive “white glove” treatment, personalized medical attention, gourmet dining, and the option to engage in regular social and recreational programs.

The image above provides an exterior view of Burns’s gorgeous Luxury Group Home in Phoenix.

This program allows Peter J. Burns III to offer upper-scale tenants all the amenities they expect. Luxury Group Homes is the ideal alternative to traditional, less-than-satisfactory group home living.

Why should I become involved in this project?

Participation in the Luxury Group Homes program is an excellent choice for individuals who want to ensure comfortable living for people of all ages and abilities. Furthermore, the project rewards philanthropy by producing a significant cash flow profit for investors. In short, your involvement can help others, and it is an outstanding opportunity to boost your investment portfolio.

One of the spacious, elegant rooms at the Phoenix mansion is shown above.

Currently, more Americans than ever are living in group homes, and as the field of medicine continues to advance, the elderly population is expected to grow at an astounding rate. This means that not only is there a highly promising market for Luxury Group Homes at present, but the demand for these facilities will rapidly increase. Lenders fund up to 90% LTV of the real estate portion of Luxury Group Homes acquisitions, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for potential investors.

Furthermore, any property considered commercial, including commercially utilized residential properties, is generally eligible for cost segregation. It is very likely that you can use your investment in Luxury Group Homes to reduce your income tax liability, meaning that you can legally keep more of your money and pay less to the IRS.

If you are interested in receiving more information about Luxury Group Homes and becoming involved, visit and choose “Get in Touch.”

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