Could Orcas and Humans Help Save One Another?

peter j. burns iii

Successful, innovative entrepreneur Peter J. Burns III believes so, and he’s on a mission to help both humans and these amazing creatures. Burns has created over 150 startups, but this multi-millionaire is much more than a business person: he’s a humanitarian at heart. Read more to find out about The Orca Project.

The Catalyst Behind the Mission

Burns, who lives on the California coast became worried about the safety of his community and individuals worldwide as he increasingly noticed media coverage of unprovoked shark attacks on humans. There’s a reason why unprovoked attacks keep appearing in the news: based on the International Shark Attack Files, which is published by the Florida Museum of Natural History, these attacks have increasingly occurred over the past few decades. The chart below provides more details:

Image source: Florida Museum of Natural History, 2018

Clearly, human lives are at stake, but why does Burns believe that orcas can provide a beneficial solution?

“Apex Predators” Meet Their Match

An apex predator is a species at the top of its food chain. People often think of sharks, especially great whites, as apex predators with no natural enemies. However, research shows that this assessment is not quite correct. 

According to a recent publication by Smithsonian, scientific studies have proven that a pod of orcas can drive great whites away from an area for months – even if the pod is only the area for a couple of hours. Based on the report by the Smithsonian, and other reputable publications such as National Geographic, great whites flee from orcas for good reason: orcas prey on these sharks.

Creating a “Win” for Everyone

Peter J. Burns III is not on a mission to eradicate great whites or other sharks by introducing pods of orcas into their territories. Instead, he is actively pursuing a new, green solution that will benefit humans and orcas without causing shark casualties. The Orca Project is based on the idea that great whites could be deterred from areas where humans frequently swim through the use of technology. 

The Atlantic recently published an article that expressed that “orcas don’t actually have to kill any great whites to drive them away. Their mere presence—and most likely their scent—is enough.” (Yong, 2019) Burns believes that introducing the scent and sounds of orcas into waters frequented by beachgoers can help keep humans safe by driving away sharks and preventing attacks. Here are a few potential benefits to this plan:

Human swimmers are less likely to become prey – accidentally or otherwise – if sharks eschew coastal areas in favor of locations that are not frequented by people.

The project will spark further research and interest in these animals, whose populations are rapidly declining, according to the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of Washington.

The Orca Project is a shark-friendly alternative to killing these animals. Furthermore, fewer shark attacks on people mean less “bad press” for the sharks, who are often vilified. 

Become Involved in the Orca Project

If you are interested in contributing to The Orca Project or learning more about the mission, visit Burns’s site (, which gives details about this endeavor as well as other ongoing projects.


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Serial Entrepreneur Builds Bridges – Peter J. Burns III

Peter J. Burns III has spent decades founding enterprising startups. Not only has this serial entrepreneur started hundreds of his own businesses, but he has also helped countless other entrepreneurs achieve success as well. Continue reading to find out how and why he is making a positive impact in the entrepreneurial community.

About Burn$ Funding

According to Burns, “Traditional banks are failing us when it comes to nurturing small businesses, and funding new startups.” He is especially concerned because “a modest amount of capital can be the difference between success and failure.” One philosophy which Peter J. Burns III lives by is to “do well by doing good.” Because Burns helps other entrepreneurs to avoid failure, he is truly able to live by the philosophy and provide much-needed support to startups.

Since traditional banks were failing fellow entrepreneurs, Burns created Burn$ Funding, which features a menu of tools designed to help entrepreneurs raise growth capital, repair their credit, and simplify their financial endeavors. Though Burn$ Funding offers a variety of highly satisfying solutions, bridge funding is one of the latest exciting options from Peter J. Burns III.

Building Bridges to Success

Bridge funding is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who need immediate access to capital to operate their businesses; sometimes, waiting for cash is just not a viable option. Since Burn$ Funding is a private entity, the approval time for bridge funding through the company is much shorter than the approval time for traditional bank-issued loans. Burn$ Funding has institutionalized the bridge funding process and even offers immediately an immediate approval option.

This pioneering and secure approach to bridge funding is reducing entrepreneurs’ credit card debt and allowing these individuals to raise their credit scores. Entrepreneurs can pay down existing credit using the $150,000 per week revolving bridge loan product created by Peter J. Burns III

Burn$ Funding also pays down credit card balances up to 30% utilization, as opposed to 45% utilization, which is standard. As entrepreneurs debt-to-credit ratio decreases, they are able to improve their credit scores. As a result, Burns’s clients become eligible to receive more credit and expedite the growth of their businesses via credit card stacking.

How Does Burns Do It?

Because Peter J. Burns III  is a highly connected individual who is well-respected in the business community, he was able to partner with three premier credit repair organizations, including Midas Financial, the largest credit repair business in Arizona. These partnerships give the institutions immense confidence that loans will be repaid.

Furthermore, credit repair companies are frequently inundated with business. “The fact that these companies don’t have to build out the relationships with their clients is attractive to them,” says Burns. “Plus, we can loan far more money to our shared customer, which means that they can dramatically lower the all-important credit utilization ratio, which consequently improves their credit score. And as a result, that customer gains access to even cheaper money.”

Who is Eligible for Assistance from Burn$ Funding?

The company provides a vast number of options for individuals with varying credit scores, business needs, and personal goals. Visit and discover your ideal financial solution. Since Burn$ Funding features a variety of options from bridge funding to investment opportunities, you’re sure to find exciting and lucrative programs to meet your needs!

Learn More About the Multimillionaire Behind Burn$ Funding

You can read more about Burns’s current ventures and new projects by visiting There, you will also find several opportunities to invest in and become involved. Alternatively, click here to find this serial start-up expert on LinkedIn.

Article by L.K. Bright, MLS & MLIS


Luxury Group Homes: How You Can Do Well by Doing Good

Peter J. Burns, III believes in “Doing well by doing good.” He is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 150 successful businesses of his own, and his work has helped thousands of people who want to earn more money and build successful startups. Burns has many ongoing projects, and one of his current ventures is Luxury Group Homes. Read on to learn more about the project, how it helps others, and how you can become involved.

What is a group home?

A group home is a property at which a small number of unrelated people live together and are provided with care and support, including medical assistance. While most residents of group homes are elderly, “group home” is not synonymous with “nursing home.” Group homes meet the diverse needs of many individuals who require special services and treatment.

Unfortunately, many group homes are unable to provide the level of comfort and sophistication that their residents desire and deserve. Because of his desire to help others live life to its fullest, Peter J. Burns III founded his Luxury Group Homes project.

What is the Luxury Group Homes project?

The purpose of this innovative project is to turn underutilized mansions into for-profit group homes. Peter J. Burns III envisioned and created this project in order to provide highly satisfactory housing and outstanding, state-of-the-art care for well-to-do individuals who are elderly or have health concerns. Luxury Group Homes not only helps people to live dignified lives in serene, high-class settings, it also preserves beautiful, historic properties and cuts down on the environmental waste associated with creating brand new facilities.

Imagine an ADA-compliant assisted-living facility that offers individuals the elegance, luxury, and personalized care they deserve. Thanks to Peter J. Burns III, this is not only a possibility; it is a reality. The first Luxury Group Homes property is a 9,300 sq. ft. historic mansion in Phoenix, Arizona. At this property, people will receive “white glove” treatment, personalized medical attention, gourmet dining, and the option to engage in regular social and recreational programs.

The image above provides an exterior view of Burns’s gorgeous Luxury Group Home in Phoenix.

This program allows Peter J. Burns III to offer upper-scale tenants all the amenities they expect. Luxury Group Homes is the ideal alternative to traditional, less-than-satisfactory group home living.

Why should I become involved in this project?

Participation in the Luxury Group Homes program is an excellent choice for individuals who want to ensure comfortable living for people of all ages and abilities. Furthermore, the project rewards philanthropy by producing a significant cash flow profit for investors. In short, your involvement can help others, and it is an outstanding opportunity to boost your investment portfolio.

One of the spacious, elegant rooms at the Phoenix mansion is shown above.

Currently, more Americans than ever are living in group homes, and as the field of medicine continues to advance, the elderly population is expected to grow at an astounding rate. This means that not only is there a highly promising market for Luxury Group Homes at present, but the demand for these facilities will rapidly increase. Lenders fund up to 90% LTV of the real estate portion of Luxury Group Homes acquisitions, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for potential investors.

Furthermore, any property considered commercial, including commercially utilized residential properties, is generally eligible for cost segregation. It is very likely that you can use your investment in Luxury Group Homes to reduce your income tax liability, meaning that you can legally keep more of your money and pay less to the IRS.

If you are interested in receiving more information about Luxury Group Homes and becoming involved, visit and choose “Get in Touch.”

Want to learn more about Peter J. Burns III? You can learn more about this pioneering entrepreneur and his projects by visiting his web site: Click here to connect with this serial start-up expert on LinkedIn.


Burn$ Funding: Serious Startup Support – Peter J. Burns III

If you have a startup, you should definitely know the name Peter J. Burns III. Burns has dedicated his life to building highly successful businesses, and the startup expertise he has acquired over the decades can help you. This adept has worked to make over 150 startups succeed and he has a mission to lend a helping hand to fellow entrepreneurs.

Burn$ Funding, which was created by Peter J. Burns III, is a remarkable toolkit for entrepreneurs who want to build new businesses or boost their existing startups. Burns designed the company using his mastery of the industry and his extensive web of financiers and specialists. You already know the start-up industry is booming–in fact, it has grown 79.83% over the past year, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

While there is a lot of potential for growth and involvement in the industry, prospects are also affected by high competition rates and the need to find capital for your startup. Founding and maintaining a successful startup requires more than just ingenuity and excellent, diligent work. In order to progress, a startup requires the careful application of data-driven industry knowledge as well as capital.

Building Credit and Confidence

Fund Image

Peter J. Burns III identified the failure of traditional banks to supply adequate funding for startups, and he is well aware that financial dearth can be disastrous for a startup, especially during its infancy. Burns’s insight inspired him to create Burn$ Funding, which helps startup founders (and potential founders) to raise growth capital, yet avoids ruining their credit, with his groundbreaking approach to bridge funding. 

The organization offers entrepreneurs very competitive interest rates and, in some cases, 0% interest for well over a year. Because Peter J. Burns III has partnered with established credit repair companies, such as Midas Financial, he has built trust with lenders, allowing them to feel more secure about business loan repayment. Since Burn$ Funding develops relationships with credit repair companies, Burns’s organization allows these busy companies to bypass the need to allocate resources which would be needed to work with clients individually. 

In other words, most large credit repair companies are more willing to work with Burns’s organization than they are to handle several small clients on a case-by-case basis. Burns’s innovative arrangement builds opportunities for entrepreneurs because it optimizes credit repair companies’ time. Therefore, these companies are more receptive to working with entrepreneurs. The arrangement also means that Peter J. Burns III is able to secure larger loans for entrepreneurs than they would be able to receive on their own.

Customer Service

Dealing with traditional banks is often a nightmare for entrepreneurs who need financing for their startups. Working with a large bank is a very impersonal experience because these lenders have a plethora of clients with differing needs. Traditional banks are not built to fund startups, and therefore, it is not the wisest decision to use one of these entities for this purpose.

When you work with Burn$ Funding, you receive the very best client experience and a customized solution for your startup. Since the business was built by an accomplished entrepreneur to help other entrepreneurs unleash their own capacities for excellence, you can be assured that your startup needs will be understood. Peter J. Burns III has been through the process of building startups many times, so you know that his company was built with all of your concerns in mind.

Turning to an expert who believes in your right to achieve the “American Dream” is the most sensible move you can make as an entrepreneur. Burns is the ultimate weapon against startup struggle. Take it to the bank – but not literally!

To learn more about Burns’s startup success and upcoming projects, visit


Bloomberg U.S. Startups Barometer. (2019, October 7). Retrieved October 10, 2019, from

Begin Investing in Real Estate Now – Peter J. Burns III

Expert Peter J. Burns III Has The Best Investment Opportunity For You

As a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly 45 years of professional experience, he has successfully helped many individuals make savvy investment decisions. His clients can attest to the awesome results that he produces. 

Whether you are a first-time investor, or if you have an established investment portfolio, Burns can help plan your ideal real estate investment now.

One common misconception about real estate investment that you must own property to become involved. Fortunately, this belief is based on a myth! You do not need to buy property to become a real estate investor. A very secure way to invest in real estate without buying property is to seek the help of a professional investor, like Peter J. Burns III, who can provide innovative options tailored to your goals.

Investing in Luxury Group Homes

Burns is passionately working on his latest groundbreaking investment project: establishing luxury group homes. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of luxury group homes, you should know that these establishments offer an upgraded alternative to traditional assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Residents in these facilities receive customized care in high-quality, comfortable settings that feature luxurious surroundings. Peter J. Burns III believes in creating sophisticated living spaces for individuals who desire prime amenities. Neither age nor medical conditions should prevent someone from living with dignified style in a prestigious residence.

Based on this principle, Peter J. Burns III has built a 9,300 square foot luxury group home in Phoenix, AZ, and he plans to build similar facilities in other areas in the United States. Burns is enthusiastic about his enterprising mission to create premier group living spaces and he is proud to provide the opportunity for investors to become involved. He can help you meet your investment goals through involvement in Luxury Group Homes.

Status of Group Home Spaces in the U.S.

Burns’s pioneering project is an excellent opportunity for you to make a sound investment in real estate. Consider the following information:

The Profile of Older Americans is a statistical report which is published annually by the United States government. According to the most recent version of this report, over 15% of U.S. citizens are classified as older adults. Furthermore, the population of American adults over the age of 85 is projected to increase to about 123% of its size by the year 2040. 

A recent article published by Forbes reports that about 1 million Americans reside in assisted living facilities. It is important to understand that these entities are not synonymous with nursing homes, which are a different type of group home facility. Based on the information provided by the CDC, approximately 1.3 million Americans are living in nursing homes right now. Together, nursing homes and assisted living to provide living spaces for about 2.3 million people in the U.S. When these statistics are considered, it is doubtless that the population of individuals living in group homes is booming, and will continue to do so.

Become an Investor Now

More people than ever live in group homes, and the group home space industry continues to grow at an astounding rate. The decision to invest in this real estate sector is one of the absolute best ways to manage your money and build your investment portfolio. If you want to learn more about this opportunity, reach out to Peter J. Burns III now. You can submit an inquiry or express your interest by visiting

Burns would love to begin working with you, and he will make your money work for you!

Why You Need to Hire a Property Management Company

Nowadays that we are in the age of mind-set and independence that one can manage on his or her own, it will be inevitable for a property owner to think that he can do something on his own, says Peter J. Burns III. At first, you have tenants who pay their rents on time until gradually, they won’t. Some of them will breach the lease terms and the contract; some may even cause problems with their neighbors and other tenants. With all these, you will notice that you are losing money and you may decide to evict the tenant giving you a problem which may lead to a lawsuit at your doorstep.

To avoid the problem listed above, you need to request the services of a qualified property management company. They will help you protect your investment, and you will have consistent cash flow through rent. This will help you buy additional investment properties. With this, you need to hire a property management company. Below are some of the reasons why you need to hire a property management company:

Determining the Worth of Your Property

This is one of the reasons why you need the assistance of a property management agency. Most inexperienced homeowners always get on how they are selling their properties to the market. Once they oversell it, they will have no profit and also deal with a high vacancy rate. On the other hand, once the undersell, they are slowly losing money or profit. The work of a property management company, in this case, is to help you determine the perfect price where you make a profit and have an increase in profit.

Also, a property management company has enough experience when marketing your property. They know where to place your ads to attract tenants or clients. They will provide answers to questions, and they will get in touch with a prospective tenant. They will use that to screen out bad clients.

Avoiding Major Problems with Tenants

You will not have problems with clients again because the property management company knows how to screen them out. They know how to check the criminal records of prospective clients, their background, and their relationships with other clients and previous property owners. This is just a way to weed out the wrong clients and to get better ones for you.


When you have a tenant that has reached the end of the contract, you may find it challenging to perform the turnover as the homeowner, says Peter J. Burns III. However, with a property management agency, they will take care of the stress for you. They will return any deductions made by the security deposit to the tenant. They will also perform the restoration process of changing locks, repainting, cleaning of the property and repairing any damages without getting your own hands dirty.

Saving Time and Money

According to Peter J. Burns III, a successful businessman knows that time is the soul of their business. They will instead delegate the task to other people to have time to deal with their business. Hand over you’re your property to the property management company and you will continue to rake in profit. All you have to do is to visit your property once in a while. You will also have enough time to spend with friends and family.

Above all, a property management company will take care of the burden for you. You will not have any problem with your tenants, and you will continue making profits. Peter J. Burns III knows more about property management, and he has an agency that will help you solve your property issues.

Basics of an Emergency Fund – Peter J. Burns III

An emergency can happen anytime; nobody can predict the future. This emergency could be happening in your house like your air conditioning system breaking down and needing repair or breaking your foot and needing surgery. No matter what happens, the money will be needed for the repair. An emergency fund is, therefore, that amount of money set aside to fix any condition that happens in life. This is very important because if you don’t do that, the emergency can lead to debt, stress, and sometimes even eviction or foreclosure. If you are thinking of cash flowing these situations, who knows whether you will lose your job before such occurrence. This is why Peter J. Burns III set up different emergency funds for businesses.

How Much Should You Set Aside?

Before you can determine the amount of emergency fund you need to keep, you need to think about the worst occurrence that could happen to you (this can be losing your job). The best amount to keep in this case is around three to six monthly payments. Your monthly payments may include water/electricity bill, cell phone bill, mortgage/rent, cable bill, groceries, insurances, and so on. These are unavoidable monthly payments that you must add up. When you have such amount available, you will be able to live your life without stress until you can get yourself back together again. If it’s your business, you need the funds for unavoidable bills too while you look out for loans to get back on the ground. If such a fund is not available, you may lose employees and your business in no time.

When Should You Start Saving?

You should start right away! To be financially stable, you need to set aside an emergency fund apart from getting out of debt. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law, which states that “what can go wrong, will go wrong” is always true especially when the emergency fund is unfunded. Always fund your emergency account before buying that house, car, TV, or anything else for your company. Immediately you use the emergency fund to cover an event, make sure you fund it back immediately and you will be fine again. Don’t spend lavishly until you fund your emergency account.

Why Are You Saving?

As the name implies, this saving is for emergencies ONLY. If you need new shoes or TVs for your office, you don’t have to touch this emergency fund. Never use this fund for everyday purchases. It would be best if you disciplined yourself enough not to make use of this money anyhow. This fund is strictly meant for emergencies. If you don’t know, emergencies are those situations that will affect and disturb you from making money or living well. Some of the examples of this include the breaking of your house/apartment, car troubles, medical problems, and loss of a job. If you decide to use this fund anyhow, you won’t have any fund for an emergency.

Where Can You Keep These Funds?

You must keep this fund somewhere you can easily get it. This is because most situations require immediate funds. Since it is for emergency purpose, you can’t invest the fund in a CD, bond, or stocks. The funds need to be in cash or saved in normal savings or checking account. If you can’t keep it in any of the above, you can keep the funds in a safe.

Where Can You Get Emergency Funds?

You can get emergency funds from different institutions. One of these is designed by Peter J. Burns III, and it is known as the Burns Funding. This is a no interest funding program that is made available easily. You don’t have to wait for days before you get the funds. Burns funding is available after verifying your information immediately. Contact Peter J. Burns III now for more information about how you can get these funds for your emergency needs.

Best Funding Sources for Your Business – Peter J. Burns III

When it comes to growing your business, there are many things you need to consider. Apart from the business idea and location and team setup, you will need funds to improve the growth. This is especially if you do not have your savings to start up or to get your business running. There are many ways you can get funds for your business, and the most common one is to request funds from your family and friends or banks. There are however several other means of getting funds that most people do not know about or are afraid to use and the best is the Burns Funding. Let’s look at different ways by which people get funds for their business.

Requesting for Loans

Once you have started getting down the business idea and you have started making money and gaining traction and that once you get a loan, you will earn more and more enough profits, then you may be qualified to request for a traditional bank loan. Most of these banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America have committed to helping the growth of small businesses. While there may be differences between businesses and banks, you may get funding of between $5,000 and $500,000 for your business.

Look to Angels

If you are starting a tech business, you are likely to need more funds for your business to get going; like to get office space or to hire people to work with him. The fund you will need will be more than the one crowd-funding and bootstrapping will get for you. You will then have to reach out to outside investors to invest in your business. The best way to get started is by starting with angel investors; these are established business professionals who have a high net worth and are looking for startup companies to invest and help them grow. Typically, an angel investor can invest anywhere from $10,000 to a couple of million dollars.

You can ask other entrepreneurs in your business network to find angels or check out the Angel Capital Association. This association has more than 330 angel investor groups nationally. You can also check the AngelList website where entrepreneurs are connected with interested investors; the website has helped more than a thousand start-ups get funded. In addition to getting direct loans to startups, angels investing groups also host competitions or events that will be of help to new entrepreneurs to get additional networking opportunities.

Other Lenders

Apart from standard bank loans, you can turn to receivable specialists to borrow funds against your accounts receivables. The main reason why you will be doing this is to get funds to support cash flow in your business especially when your business is short of cash. Interest rates and fees of receivables may be relatively high, but most entrepreneurs found this source as the only way to get funds for their business. The lender does not take the risk of payment in most cases because whether you make a profit or not, you must pay the money back.

None of the above sources come with smaller interest rates, but you have to make use of them only if you don’t know any other funding source for your business. When Peter J. Burns III sees all of these interest rates, he came up with a no-interest Burns Funding source for startups to grow their businesses. This is the easiest way to get funds because it will take you 12 to 21 months to pay the loan back. There are up to $175,000 funds for entrepreneurs to build. Peter J. Burns III has designed burns Funding for both businesses and direct consumers. What else are you waiting for? Contact Peter J. Burns III for your next business loan.