Solve Your Funding Problems with Short Term Finance Solutions – Peter J. Burns III

We all know that everyone who is running a company knows how hard it is when they found themselves in a problematic situation that involves money. This is especially when you can’t find the fund anywhere. Whether you do not have enough fund to pay the wages of your employees or you have some last minute debts you must pay in no time, or you are in need of capital to run a particular part of your business; we all have many situations that we may have no other option than to look for a short term loan to cover some of these urgent financial matters.

Short Term Loans

Since short term loans are those loans that have a deadline ranging from a week to a year and depending on the needs of your company, you need to find the perfect financing. These finance solutions are very important in that they come with zero or little interest and they make it easy for you to complete your monetary tasks sooner. One of the short term finance solutions includes The Burns Funding that was set up by Peter J. Burns III. The Burns Funding is even better because it comes with zero interest and it does extend to more than a year before you make the full payment.

Many short term finance institutions offer mortgage loans and finance. As a startup owner, you need to contact one of these companies to see whether your company is qualified to receive a loan. Even if your company is not qualified for a mortgage, you can easily obtain a short term loan as they are easy to obtain to get your company out of the financial trouble soon enough. However, some companies like the Entrepreneur Credit Card are even willing to help businesses in need even if you have a poor credit history. All you have to do is to research well because there is much professional help available for you out there.

Contact a Financial Specialist

If you are finding it difficult to conclude on whether to go for short term finance or not, you can contact a financial specialist. A financial specialist will help you analyze the situation on the ground and offer you an assessment. These professionals are even available online. This makes it easy for those who do not know where to turn to get help. They can easily do a quick search online where there are plenty of options to choose from and go for the best analyst. Loans are not only those who have urgent debts to pay; it is also meant for those who come across an excellent investment opportunity and in need of funds to put their plan into action. Short term loans are a great help for those suffering from serious situations to recover or those who are looking forward to completing advantageous deals.

Above all, these loans can be pre-approved in a very short time; even in less than 24 hours. These loans are granted much faster unlike other loans where you will be asked to submit different documents and go through a multitude of verifications. This is mainly because they usually involve smaller amounts of money which you can easily pay back when you are balanced.

What’s the Catch?

Burns Funding is a short term loan for all business owners who are looking for fund to grow their business. It comes with a 0% interest rate for 12 to 21 months. This is a great opportunity that was designed by Peter J. Burns III to help startup entrepreneurs. This funding has been in existence for more than four decades, and it has helped more than 150 businesses. Visit here to learn more about the Burns Funding Program.

How to Get Fund for Your Business – Peter J. Burns III

Now that you have finally thought about starting a new business of your own, you may be looking for a way to get the fund to grow that business. However, before you start looking for a way out, you should know that there is no best way to get fund for a new business because each of these methods has its own merits and demerits. In addition to this, a funding method that works for a particular type of business may not work for your type of business. This means that you should choose the right option for your business. However, there is one that works for all kinds of businesses, the Burns Funding, which was set up by Peter J. Burns III.

Different Funding Methods for Your Business

There are different funding methods where you can get money for your business. Some of these methods include:

Self-Finance – This is the easiest form of business financing, but it is less likely for most starters. This has to do with you putting some percentage of your savings into your new business without ruining your family, marriage, relationship or jeopardizing your home. Once you put more into the business already, any other funding source will understand how serious you are with the business. This will also help reduce your stress when the times get tough. If you cannot risk losing your savings, you may have to go for other options.

The line of Credit – You can visit a band and request for a line of credit if you know the bank very well or you have a good relationship with them, or you have a business account with them. Although this type of business funding may not be immediate, it may be the right funding source for your type of business, especially for future business emergencies. This funding type is at lower interest rates than the rates offered by emergency business loan suppliers.

Friends or family – Although many people believe that lending money from your relatives or close friends ruin the bonds of relationship, you have to ask for funds from them especially if every other option are ruled out. One thing you have to make sure of is to refund the money on or before the time given. This type of business funding type is good and a low-risk one, unlike the emergency money lenders that charge a high rate of interest. Lastly, go for this type of funding when you are very confident that your business will flourish and you will get enough income to repay the lender on time.

Burns Funding – This is a type of funding program you can turn to when you need funds to grow your business. The Burns Funding is The Entrepreneur’s Credit Card Program that was designed by Peter J. Burns III, and you will get up to five times the financing that other lenders offer. There is up to $175,000 unsecured credit with better rates and quicker approval for your business. For your business to flourish, you need this type of funding. So, don’t let lack of fund hold you back from growing your business.

Are you in need of other information? Then, you need to contact Peter J. Burns III for more information about the Burns Funding. Visit us here and submit your information. Since we are not a direct lender, we will immediately match you up with an approved lender in your area (and your type of business) to cater for your credit needs in no time. This is the fastest business funding source because you will not wait for weeks or months.

Peter J. Burns III and Burn$ Funding

Peter J. Burns III is a serial entrepreneur with over 150 businesses to date. He has an array of businesses founded and co-founded both local and abroad. You can learn more about him by visiting his webpage at

Burns had started his new financing company, Burn$ Funding, designed to assist businesses needing money in their expansion or individuals who need funding resources.  Burn$ Funding has financed over $1 Billion to their clients for the last 14 years and had invested more than $1 Billion on real estate as well.  Burns himself had struggled a lot before becoming a successful entrepreneur so he understands what financial challenges entrepreneurs face starting out. So he created a way to help people recover from bad debts and finance their business expansions.

Peter J. Burn III Funding offers affordable funding at truly competitive rates. To qualify for their 0% interest Base Loan, Burn$ Funding customers should have a FICO score of 700 or better and their credit card debt should be less than 45% of their existing credit limit (30% is ideal). For customers with less than ideal credit scores, Burn$ Funding can help them repair their credit and recalibrate their credit scores with rapid rescore within 48 hours with all three credit bureaus. Burn$ Funding also offers a high-interest bridge loan to pay down the customer’s credit card balances, which in turn enables the underlying loan to proceed often at an increased amount.

Burn$ Funding to customize a plan for you and provide options most suitable for you. Unlike other financing company, Burn$ Funding will make sure to provide you the assistance that you need to help you recover with your financial issues. Just visit their website to get the process started.

Something to Know About Peter J. Burns III Funding

As a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience and more than 150 startups, the recurring struggle Peter J. Burns III witnesses with new entrepreneurs has been financial.  Many business startups fail because they run out of funding, and many entrepreneurs go deep into personal debt trying to fund their dreams.  Burn$ Funding was created to meet those needs, offering financing solutions to individuals and businesses with varying levels of funding needs.

Trying to find a viable funding resource is a tricky task. There are many financial institutions offering startup funding, but none compare to what Burn$ Funding offers.  A credit score is a vital element with every individual because that is the basis from which each and every company assesses your financial viability. Whenever you apply for a bank loan or credit cards, financing companies always look to your credit score. A credit score is based on the gathered information about your payment records with regards to previous loans and the like. For younger customers who have not established credit lines, alternative records are checked such as a phone bill or other types of utility bills.

Needless to say, it is the credit bureaus that have these records and it is also where your previous loan companies submit your payment records. Getting a bad credit score does not mean that your loan application or funding request will be turned down immediately, it is just one factor that lenders check to see how you will be able to pay back your loans. Other factors will be considered as well and the amount of money to lend to you would definitely, depend on your ability to pay. However, having a good credit score always gives you an edge to have positive feedback when it comes to a loan application.

Just like other companies, Burn$ Funding also has its own requirement that their clients need to meet in order to avail their financing services. It is a must for all financing companies because they need to make sure about the welfare of their business.  They aim to help all individuals and businesses that come to their rescue but certain requirements need to be met first. Burn$ Funding clients with low credit scores are not discouraged with their funding application but is rather encouraged to get things fixed. Burn$ Funding are further assisted to rectify their credit score issues.  They provide credit repair services to help their clients fix their credit problems by providing them legal options and guiding them with the best options to correct it. Burn$ Funding had been in the market for years now and when it comes to experience, they have more than enough to prove to their clients to they have what it takes to help them.


Without a doubt, Burn$ Funding is one of the best financing companies today.  To fund you with your financial needs is one thing, but to help you fix your credit score up until you are already qualified for their funding is fantastic. No other company will help you when you’re broke, as you are seen as a liability to the company. But Burn$ Funding has a different outlook with this situation. You can go ahead and speak to them to discover it for yourself. Just visit their and see what options are available for you.

Peter J. Burns III’s New Projects

Peter J. Burns III has shown no indications of stopping what he has been doing in the last decade. He continues to invest in new opportunities. With most of these projects being ideas from his original thinking, he always creates something out of nothing and will continue to fascinate the world. Below we discuss five of the new projects this serial entrepreneur is creating.

Ethiopian Imperial Coffee

Although the Ethiopian coffee was invented so many years ago, the local people and the government have never made an effort to brand it. This is despite the fact that it is traded with renown world coffee sellers and buyers.

When Peter J. Burns III went for his 6 months volunteer program in the Easter Africa Country, he noticed this entrepreneurial gap and decided to venture in it.

This is a project aiming to market Ethiopian imperial coffee in the United State and the Caribbean markets.  It targets to put the Ethiopian coffee amongst the top sellers in America.

Electronic Bikes

Peter J. Burns III has noticed that Electronic bikes have become valuable alternatives to the motorized bikes he introduced to La Jolla in his early entrepreneurial years.  The electronic bikes project is currently in the rapid growth phase having passed the adoption phase.

Burns wants to fully take advantage of the electronic shops in La Jolla. Despite the fact that there are two of these rental shops in La Jolla village, none of them is convenient enough for the rental business in the shores.  This is has made him his name; taking advantage of open entrepreneurial opportunities people have not discovered.

 Niche Air Charter Business

The primary focus of the business will be on niche charter catering world. The target market will be group events, sports, and athletics teams as well as music tours.

The business operations of the projects will be lead by an ex-employee of a well-established jet charter enterprise. He will use his vast experience and powerful network to make and keep the clients satisfied.

Med Spa Project

When starting this project Peter J. Burns III had a goal to replicate the success story of a doctor-owned spa in the city of Anaheim California. The project is to be pioneered in La Jolla before being rolled out to other wealthy areas. It is to combine both ladies and men’s cosmetics and medically approved health enhancing procedures.

Pet Transportation Project

The pet transportation project is an idea meant to help employees that get transferred from one region to another and would like to move with their pets. The transportation costs of this migration will be paid by the respective employers. The four travel aggregators that Peter J. Burns III has partnered with provide services to over 1000 employers. It’s projected that together, these organizations employ 120 million people.

The Peter J. Burns III owned company has based its targets on the probability that a large part of the 120 million employees must relocate with their pets at certain periods in a fiscal year.