Peter J. Burns 3 – A successful businessman and Influencer

Bh9uLxqCAAEOndd There are two ways of earning money, i.e. through job or business. There is no limit of profit in a business if you establish it well. But it is a tough job, and a person planning to go for establishing a business, there must be enough qualities in such a person. He must be ambitious, hardworking and diligent to do his work and achieve his goals. He must be responsible enough to handle all his duties and must be a critical thinker. All these qualities are required for a person to become a successful businessman.

Early period of starting business:

Peter J. Burns III is a person who is overwhelmed with such qualities that make him a successful business. He started at the age of 19, which is a very early age to start a business, indeed. He started from Nantucket island of Austria and became the first person in the country for renting accommodations to the tourists in vacations. Initially, Peter J. Burns 3 made 55,000 dollars in just ten weeks, which is an appreciating fact. After that, in the winter season, he set up a shop in Florida.

Peter J. Burns 3 established motorized bicycle (moped) rental for the first time. He worked further for the expansion of initial operation up to international level. Thus he created the greatest rental operation for recreation in the whole world.

Other achievements:

Afterwards, Peter J. Burns III started expanding his business and carried his way towards hundred more markets. The markets include Maui, St. Kitts, Boothbay Harbor, Key West, etc. He continued his work by publishing magazine using a unique format. He is also the initiator of the first email marketing firms. He acquired commercial real estate and played a role in its development. He also founded the entrepreneurial network America, which is the largest. Peter J. Burns III has another great achievement of opening up the first centers for entrepreneurial resource. He also created the first accredited College of Entrepreneurship of the nation at a university named Grand Canyon University.

Other areas of achievements:

Peter J. Burns III was a part of the American army as an infantry soldier. He won a scholarship that was an army four year ROTC scholarship. He also attended the sessions in the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. He was selected for Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents Management Program at the age of just twenty nine, and was considered to be the youngest among the selected candidates. It is a huge achievement.

There are many magazines, newspapers, radio and TV clips, which have been featuring Peter J. Burns 3, for example Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Nations Business, CNN, etc. Entrepreneurship at Andrew Jackson University is an institution that is fully accredited online university. He is a Dean at the college of this institute. There is also some contribution in the foundation of Young Entrepreneurs Organization of Burns, as a founding member.  All these achievements show that Peter J. Burns 3 is a great businessman and he will earn more fame in the coming years.

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Peter J. Burns III

Starting at the age of 19, Peter J. Burns III has started, operated, bought and sold well over 100 businesses in literally dozens of niche markets. Nantucket Island was the home of Burns' first "real" business-importing mopeds from Austria and being the firrst in the country to rent them to vacationing tourists. After making $55,000 in only 10 weeks from his summer "job," Burns took his moped fleet and set up shop on Sanibel Island, Florida for the winter season.